Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a field where high quality translation is a necessity because construction projects mainly involve international partners. The BEPS Translations agency has, for example, been a part of the cooperation between Chinese, British and Serbian parties in a translation project related to the construction of the Zemun-Borca bridge in Belgrade, Serbia. Our translator successfully dealt with a translation involving the combination of three languages, and thus made a valuable contribution to this significant project.

  • Our translators’ approach to civil engineering translations is a process of several steps, including:
  • Providing relevant construction dictionaries for the target language pair
  • Obtaining the proper information on the construction project and all the documentation at hand
  • Consulting the experts (civil engineers) about the terminology involved in the field¬†that is being dealt with
  • Preparing the glossary for the translation project
  • Checking the glossary with the client

Translating in an area of expertise also means constant improvement and learning new terminology. However, in BEPS Translations we all agree that practice makes perfect. Therefore, we try to establish a partnership with translators who have experience in certain areas of expertise.